Last Updated on January 21, 2006


Founded in November 2001 by Frederique ( Martine) Darragon, the Foundation has the long term goal of improving the future of humankind through education, protection of the local cultures and protection of the environment in developing countries. The first programs are now being developed in western China, more specifically in Kham.

To help children of the upcoming generation learn to help themselves and others. Support brilliant but poor children through middle and higher education. Our place is strictly “behind the scenes” in assisting them to learn to take their future in their own hands and give them the power to change their world.

Help build progress while protecting local customs and traditions, including historical buildings.

Emphasis will be put on environmental protection and sustainable development.

In 2004, the Sichuan University Unicorn Heritage Institute dedicated to research, record, protect and promote minority cultures, was founded in cooperation with Sichuan University.


Registered in the USA IRA# 58-2661861