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Unicorn Foundation is a Georgia non-profit corporation, and tax-exempt according to section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code.



Our History

Frederique, Wang Shibo and a Pogodin woman

The Unicorn Foundation was registered on November 8th 2001
IRA # 58-2661861
Frederique Darragon had been previously involved in animal protection in Tibet and had sponsored philanthropic works through other foundations including the building of a boarding school for Tibetan nomads’ children in Dhardu ( Amdo Xian, Qing Hai Province) with the French Foundation" Les Ecoles du Toit du Monde".

In 2001, as she was filming ancient towers in a remote village in Eastern Tibet, an old woman asked her if she could help with the reconstruction of their school destroyed by an earthquake. Frederique immediately consulted a dear Chinese friend of hers, Wang Sebo, to see if he would run a foundation. Encouraged by his enthusiastic acceptance and that of many other friends who eagerly accepted to work on a voluntary basis she decided to create her own foundation.


Our Organization

Frederique with a golden eagle and its owner

Our Board (All volunteers)

Chairman and President: Frederique (Martine) Darragon .
Frederique is French, has graduated from college in International Economy, has lived in many countries, has spent more than 4 years in rural China and Tibet, speaks many languages and is well known as an exceptional sportswoman and a true Renaissance woman. She has sailed boats extensively including across the Atlantic in the first Cape Town to Rio race. She has also raced thoroughbreds as a jockey and made a name for herself in the highly competitive field of championship Polo in Argentina .She is an artist (Frederique d'Aragon) who paints figurative oils, an accomplished photographer and has filmed and co-produced her first documentary film that has been bought by Discovery Channel.
A shorter version of that documentary will be available for free to schools and educational TV channels in China.

Al Gore,Ted Turner and Frederique

Frederique in Mongolia

WangShibo, ZhangYing and XiLai

Vice President and treasurer: Once to be vice professor of History Department of Southwest Nationality University, the director and researcher of Life and Culture Research Institute of Japanese Future Consortium, and be the leader of Beijing Branch of Japanese FELLISIMO Company, the senior advisor of U.S California Group and Chengdu International Exhibition&Convention Center, the part-time professor of History Department of Sichuan University, Now is the board chairman of Chengdu CARELIFE Investment Adviser Ltd, and the board chairman of Liangshan Anning Fengyuan Agriculture Ltd.

Administrative vice president of The Sichuan Institute of Minority Cultures and Arts、Vice president of Sichuan Youth Institute for Culture and Communication、Vice president and Treasurer of Unicorn foundation、Director and Vice secretary of Chinese southward minority nationality philosophy.
He had published many books and articles, like Sacrifice of the God and Ghost, the Change Of Ethnic Education and Culture.
He had been the hatcher of “The West China Forum”.
He had been awarded for his research about the stratagem to develop region economics and culture of minority, and as part of many governmental research projects.
He launched and presided many big nationally academic conference, and put forward the stratagem to take 2 protect steps and 4 explore steps in west of China.
He had organized to translate and publish many excellent books ,such as Being Conscience, New Management and New Japan, Sit in meditation like this, to promote the communicate between the culture of China and Japan, and he wrote the preface and postscript for those books too. So he had been invited to publish his articles and presented himself in the first forum of world famous scholars about the future in Kyoto.

Secretary and project coordinator: Zhang Ying
Born in 1975 , she is a college graduate who majored in Japanese. She is married to Wang Sebo , together they have a son, XiLai.


Senior Adviser: Ted Turner
World renowned sportsman winner of the America’s cup, businessman creator of CNN, ecologist and major philanthropist of impressive creativeness. He has 3 foundations, the Turner Foundation working on environmental issues in the USA, the N.T.I. trying to reduce the danger of weapons of mass destruction and the United Nations Foundation with a grand of a billion dollars.
He has 5 grown children, all of them dedicated ecologists and philanthropists.


China chief representative: Zhang Li
Born in 1956, college graduate, director of “The Youth Cultural Exchange Association of Sichuan Province”, an organization part of the Communist Party in charge of promoting innovating youth development.


Advisers: World famous Chinese classical pianist and composer Tian Jiang ,
Sharon Lundy, Frank Janke

Temporary Volunteers:

Ren Shurong (assistant secretary)

Guo Shan (assistant and driver )

Qiu Lin (translater)

Sarah Berger

Cai Hui

Li Chunxia

Xie Jing

Liu Jiating

Wang Shuchi

Li Xiaosong

Liu shu


From Danba:

Qiang Yi appou

Zhe Ma Wong Zhao

In the US.
Staff part of Turner Entreprises helping with taxes related matters
Bob Biebel
Christina Hung


In France
Octavia Peissel


Our Donors (for year 2002 and year 2003)

Ted Turner: $110,000
Frederique Darragon: $150,000 (Profits from the sale of her documentary "The Secret Towers of the Himalayas“)

Other donors
Wang Sebo through Carelife Investments Company
Laura and Rutherford Seydel
Teddy and Leslie Turner
Beau and Gannon Turner
Rhett and Angela Turner
Sharon Lundy
Madeleine Boccara Rene Boccara